What is opal good for?

Opals have been said to be extremely beneficial also in many physical areas, such as in the treatment of infections and fevers. It is also said to help strengthen memory.

What is opal good for?

Opals have been said to be extremely beneficial also in many physical areas, such as in the treatment of infections and fevers. It is also said to help strengthen memory. In addition, it purifies the blood and kidneys, regulates insulin, facilitates childbirth and relieves premenstrual syndrome.


is an amazing stone for balance, harmony, healing ancient patterns and also for amplifying your positive powers.

It also works through the physical, emotional and spiritual. This light dance gem has high vibrations, meaning it is ideal for changing thoughts, patterns and energies. It helps you take responsibility for yourself and brings fluidity and emotional intelligence to those who keep it close. Opal is a very sensitive stone that can promote vision, intuition and insight.

It can also help you connect with your inner creativity, inspiration, and imagination. Opal is said to help you become invisible and is recommended in situations where you need to protect yourself from danger. This stone can also be useful to bring problems to the surface so that they can be treated. In addition, opal is connected to the energy of love, passion and desire.

Opal is a stone of good fortune and luck, bringing abundance of wealth, health and happiness to anyone who chooses to harness its power. Opal is an interesting gemstone that, in general, is associated with increasing the strength of the will to live. It is a great stone for the skin, kidneys, eyes, hair and nails. It has been shown to be useful for water assimilation, retention and balance of water content within the body.

In general, opals are said to inspire creativity, inventiveness, spontaneity and self-expression. They can help you lose suffocating inhibitions, unleashing your wild and adventurous side. It is a passionate stone linked to love, desire and lust. An opal bracelet is a timeless piece of jewelry that will be a nice addition to any jewelry collection.

In the metaphysical world, Opal acts as a prism within the aura, bringing a full spectrum of Light energy to the system, calming and clearing the emotional body, and increasing the will to live and the joy of one's earthly existence. Gemstones may offer some protection against this invisible smog, but opals are not really a gemstone that I would recommend, I would suggest something like malachite or amazonite. That said, Opal can help you with your own intentions as long as you are clear about what you want to manifest or achieve. Being a great support stone, the healing energy of opals will strengthen your entire emotional body and help you to be more open and honest with yourself.

Precious opals carry intense spiritual energy, magnify emotions and allow deep inner work. Opal is the most colorful gemstone in the world that has been used since ancient times for its beauty, healing properties and benefits. Sometimes, opal stones can lose their color due to factors such as moisture, excessive contact with water, intense heat and other reasons that have to do with changes in the water composition of gemstones. In rare circumstances, opal formed into masses that exhibited botryoidal growth, in stalagmitic form, or became replacement material in fossils.

The negative feelings and emotions that opal crystal captures, despite being unpleasant and uncomfortable, are easier to understand, process and correct. Yellow and orange opals can be used with stones that also correlate with the lower chakras, especially the solar plexus and the sacral chakra. You can also wear an opal ring so that the play of colors sparkles before your eyes and keeps you connected to the world through touch. Ask Opal to form a protective shield around you, allowing only benevolent energies to pass to you and repel anything hard or negative.

Green opal promotes relaxation and meditation and can be useful for cleansing and healing the physical body. Opal can help with a variety of physical conditions, including regulating insulin in the body. .

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