What does the stone opal symbolize?

October's birthstone, opal, symbolizes fidelity and trust. The word comes from the Latin word opalus, which means “precious jewel”, and from the Greek word opallios, which means “to see a change of color”.

What does the stone opal symbolize?

October's birthstone, opal, symbolizes fidelity and trust. The word comes from the Latin word opalus, which means “precious jewel”, and from the Greek word opallios, which means “to see a change of color”. In mystical circles, opal is considered a stone that represents hope, innocence and purity. It has strong connotations of happiness, fidelity, loyalty and trust.

Opal is a gem formed from silica-rich waters. It takes its name from the Sanskrit word Upala, which means precious stone. Later, it would be called Opallios in Roman times. There are two types of opal: common opal and precious opal.

The meaning of opal is amplification, hope and purity. In ancient Rome, this jewel symbolized love and hope. The Romans gave it the name of opalus which was synonymous with “precious stone”. As a protective stone, it absorbs dark energies and acts as a shield against the negativity of others.

In addition, it provides a kind of spiritual camouflage, allowing you to navigate difficult relationships and challenging situations without the energy of others sticking to you. Oregon Opal — A unique variety of transparent to translucent opal found only in Opal Butte, Oregon, which is strikingly transparent and flickers dark blue-violet or opalescent yellow-orange when faceted; not to be confused with common opal and other varieties that are also mined in Opal Butte. Discovered by a shepherd more than a century ago, this opal was marketed by Tiffany's and eagerly sought after at the beginning of the century. Oregon opal carries the energy of Fire and is a highly spiritual stone, allowing you to move between dimensions and the exploration of past lives for karmic healing.

It is a stone of truth, which seeks lies and delusions, both from other people and from self-deception, and helps to release old sorrows, traumas and disappointments. While other opals can magnify experiences of difficult emotions, Oregon Opal gently stimulates the Solar Plexus Chakra and amplifies the joyful side of emotional release, facilitating self-expression, decisive action, and relying on one's own guidance and instinct. It encourages one to enjoy the process and exploration of life, freeing oneself from the limiting visions of what is possible. Opalescence appears as vivid colors that seem to float in the background, and often has an overall blue or purple hue.

For those who seek angelic connections, to converse with the kingdom of spirits or who wish to strengthen any psychic gift they have, Opal can help in all of this and more. A protective stone, opal is a wonderful shield to avoid absorbing other people's thoughts and negative energies. The spacing between the spheres causes the light waves that travel through Opal's internal structure to diffract and break into the colors of the spectrum. Using both Earth and Fire energy, Matrix Opal can be used to access spirit guides and animal guides, and can be used in medicine wheel ceremonies to stabilize energy and promote contact.

If you prefer to keep your delicate opal away from water, you can also use bowls to blend, sing or fingerboards to clean your stone. Opal is the birthstone of people born in October and is one of the stones associated with the zodiac sign of Libra (from September 21 to October 2). In Indian mythology, the mother goddess turned the virgin goddess of the rainbow into an opal because she was being pursued by the suitors Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Generally speaking, lighter shades of opal are good options to wear on the upper chakras, since the paler ones are more closely aligned with the crown.

Just as Opal absorbs and reflects light, it collects thoughts and feelings, desires and buried emotions, amplifying them and returning them to the source. Use darker shades of opal with black obsidian and hematite if you want to feel firmer and in touch with your gut instincts. As an emotion balancer and with green and pink opals working on the heart chakra, you can turn to the healing nature of this gem to support you when you feel unsure of yourself. When charging your Opal, you can use a traditional Native American technique and rub it in the palm of your hand.

Opal also pays homage to Chirakan-Ixmucane, the Mayan creator goddess; Cyhiraeth, the Welsh goddess of streams and streams; Dana (Danu), the Celtic goddess of the river; and Ixchel, the Mayan goddess of childbirth. Depending on the background color and the predominant color of the fire screen, opals can be framed with silver or gold. The first notes of opal mining can be traced back to the winding Carpathian Mountains in 400 BC, and even the gem was written in tales spun by the ancient Greek philosopher Plato. .


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